Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me (Remix)

In Loving Memory of Kim Porter.
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Damn, I don’t understand why we go through this over and over and over and over again
Whats really good
Sometimes we say things that we really don't mean
We do things in between the lines
We should do more than stand out
I'm sorry if i made you feel less than who you are
A little insecure, oh you’s a shining star
I wanna spend my nights with you
My life with you, oh baby babe
Please wait up for me, till whenever i get home
I know that you're all alone
Thinking ‘bout what you’re gon’ do
I hope that you see it through
And oh, you’re gonna love me (imma love you regardless)
You’re gonna wanna hug me (you just gotta cut this shit out)
And squeeze me
Yo we used to spin back “Lovin’ you”
Minnie Ripperton
The bose speakers had my walls and the plaques trembling
Lalala playing my mind all day
You come home, i let calgon and take you away
Bubble baths arose
Gucci open toes
Sunday nights we sitting watching Power in our robes
All of a sudden our lines got crossed over nothing
A text and your attitude change, yo you buggin
Hit me in the face with a pillow, and threw something
I just got up and walked in the room,
you still cussing
No “I love you”s before we sleep
“Goodnight”s is out the windows, it lasts for weeks
It's been awhile since i gave you my street vows
Promised to love you and hit two times a day never cheat now
Our chemistry is like a bowl of cherries,
and I’m the chocolate i smother you
Never to worry
And are you gonna love me
You’re gonna wanna hug me and squeeze me
(I’m gonna share half of the blame for this problem we are gonna through, you know i'm a taurus, the bull, i'm stubborn, so tell me what's on your mind) - Ghostface
Sometimes I don't think we really say enough
Why is it so hard to keep in touch
When we’re laying right next to each other, baby
We shouldn't read into things so much
Overthinking, understanding
Don't let a feeling change it up
I wanna spend my nights with you
My life with you, oh baby babe
Please wait up for me til whenever i get home
I know that I’m all alone
Thinking ‘bout what i'm gon’ do
I hope that i see it through, ooh, ooh, yeah
(Method Man)
I ain't got time for tricks
Them broads aint loyal
I get a spanish chick, i make arroz con pollo
Keep my woman fresh
So she will never be spoiled
And she can be my queen, but we will never be royals
I don't give you cream, yadamean? But i assure you
I'm heavy with the d, i got nothing but love for you
Sex as a weapon i got nothing but slugs for you
Ain't no protection, i done shot up the club for you
Yeah if i adore you, mi amor you
These dudes cannot afford you, let the god couture you
I like them loyal from the soil
And rhetorical questions when we smash, adorable
Who put the sex in sex appeal
Shorty got a receipt but her ex gets the bill
Look I'm too grown for netflix and chill
But i g and post up, like a net flick for real
love me
Are you gonna love me,
And are you gonna wanna hold me and squeeze me
Are you gonna love and squeeze me
Yeah man
You know what it is ma
Ay yo chef aka the wedding crasher
Came through in the Cullanin
Color of skim milk the wrath
Only us in the corner with the paid face, black cards and louis face
African cousins with us, we niggas
Smoking blunts, wine thats licatta
I waited like 3 years
Now we here getting license
And i'm tired of the whole jack and jill shit, the real shit
Both of us comfortable now, so you ain't ever gotta feel shit
Feed a nigga laugh for hours
Count by ones, playing old school shit
While we fuck in the shower
And now you know your guard is top tier
Remember the message,
Love with capital letters until they dead us
And are you gonna love me, youre gonna wanna hold me and squeeze me (x2)
Music video by Teyana Taylor performing Gonna Love Me (Remix). © 2018 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Camerin White

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    Still watching this in October 2020

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    Love this song! Teyana blew that hook! ❤

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    wtf theyre highkey on 140th.

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    This gives me jlo and ll cool j vibes

  6. My realness kills you

    My realness kills you

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    Meth and Ghost killed that❤

  7. Cunningman Ray

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    This woman looks like Dion Warwick.

  8. Emy Shaila

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    How tf did ppl even dislike this song hating ass mfs

  9. Renee Johnson

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    Big music fan! Been half way sleeping on Teyana Taylor! She did this! Very talented young lady!!!

  10. Joseph Audebert

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    0.18 Hi Mickael. 😇😇❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Kristshel Dunn

    Kristshel Dunn

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    For Those Who Don't Really Know, This Remake Is Originally From "The Delfonics/For The Love I Gave To You, Back In The 70's... Check The Real Original Out...

  12. Kristshel Dunn

    Kristshel Dunn

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    For The 17k Haters That Disliked This Video "Spin The Fuck Off"

  13. straight A

    straight A

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    Method man be making me feel some type of way .

  14. Tara Hill

    Tara Hill

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    Man this song is iconic for real

  15. Arely Granados

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  16. Ta'Nya Maddox

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    lowkey thought that glass break was real @HELLASOLID.

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    I really like your song🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. kelly kebe

    kelly kebe

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    Salute, for using Ghost & Method Man on this record, took me back to the good days ... forever a 90’s baby, 🙌🏽

  19. Emy Shaila

    Emy Shaila

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    I love her she is me and I am her dead ass lml

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  26. Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones

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    I’ve never heard of this girl. Guess I’ve been sleeping under a rock. Her voice is Dope!! Kinda sound like Brandy

  27. Half Def aka Danny Krone

    Half Def aka Danny Krone

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    Ghost in looooveee song yeaaaa

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    I listen to this song daily.

  30. Joseph Audebert

    Joseph Audebert

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    From 1.45 to 1.47. Listen. Teyana, please don t do this in front of me. I ll give you the world. 😇😇😍😍

  31. zachary julien

    zachary julien

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    I felt it more in her original. This one is also really good. But I felt her soul in the original

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    My gurl is jezz like that WOW l still 💘 her ,I can't be with a gurl that will go for anything, l need a gurl that got a backbone,a strong black women in my life,that's sexy to me, l guess that's why this our favorite song and video.

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    Roxo velaw

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  57. Just Me

    Just Me

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    Deon Warwick look alike. Look who in the video with her. First time hearing this.🎡

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    Yo she killed the Puff dance. If you don’t call it that you a hater. Facts.

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    • Shakira W

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